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Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
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Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
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Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
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Beer Drinking Poetry Poetry Poems
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Brew Pub Details

Production: n/a
Brewmaster: Dean
Tours: Upon Request
Restaurant: Yes
Lunch: $7-$11
Dinner: $7-$18
Smoking: Yes
Games: Billiards, Darts & Arcade

Angelic Brewing Company

322 West Johnson
Madison, Wisconsin  53703
(608) 257-2707

Reviewed by: Blask
Saturday, September 22nd, 2001

The Arrival

I went with my friend, Matt, on Saturday and returned with the Webmaster, Roger, the next day. I'd like to use this space to state that this tasting is only partial. While we were visiting, the Brewmaster was in Colorado at the Great American Beer Festival winning a silver medal for the Liberator Doppelbock and a bronze for Paradise Lost Porter. These (and one or two popular brews) being not available for our visit, I would like to wait to try them before completing the review.

revisited Saturday, December 29th, 2001.

The Beer

Purgatory Pale Ale - It seems sweet and malty for a pale ale. Matt says it has a “fruity” (floral) taste. I like the sweetness of the “fruity esters” (I've held off as long as I can using that phrase) with dry-hopped finishing taste, featuring American cascade hops. There's a floral aroma and caramel taste to the malt, and the sharp bitter finish quickly fades but coats the mouth well.
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Bacchanal Blonde - This was interesting. It was clean and light with a hoppy finish as the literature suggests. This is one of the more dichotomous beers I've tried. The taste and body are so crisp and light and then, bam!, the hops kick in, providing a long hollow-dry aftertaste. Someone thinking they are getting a straight-up lighter beer will be surprised. The Bacchanal would be a great hot summer day beer; it's refreshing like a lemonade. Brewmaster Dean was trying to “make an ale taste like a pilsener.”
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Believer's Bitter - Believer's also has a good malty/dry mix to it. Matt says, “No taste, but a bitter aftertaste.” I told him that was the idea. As I drank more of this ale, the generous amount of hops became more evident. On our revisit, the more we drank of the Bitter, the more we were apt to proclaim it our favorite. It is also Adam's (our bartender) favorite. “The Bitter is the best, or if it's not available, I'll drink a PA - to get my hoppy fix.”
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Shakedown Nut Brown - They seem to have their malts down cold at Angelic. Shakedown's no exception. It had a light, smooth body with hints of caramel flavor. Their lit. says medium to full body. I totally disagreed. When I revisited Angelic the next day, they were out of the Brown, explaining the discrepancy in body I noticed. Matt says' “sweet and smooth,” but he couldn't taste the nut flavor. He thought it would make a good dessert beer. Overall, a refreshing, pitcher-quantity beer.
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Sinners Stout - A seven-malt oatmeal stout, Sinners was not short on body. The creaminess really came through, making it lean toward that Guinness taste. I hate to keep saying it, but please, someone, make a stout stout.
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Big Red Ale - Roger says it's very mild. “It's good; I just can't seem to nail down any distinct properties on this one.” It smells and tastes pretty “red.”
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Reviewed: Saturday, December 29th, 2001

Paradise Lost Porter - An award-winning Brown Porter, the Paradise Lost came across more robust at first, but as I drank, the coffee and nut aftertaste came through more, and the perceived alcohol taste diminished. Roger sensed a fruity aroma that disappeared in the taste.
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Reviewed: Saturday, December 29th, 2001

Devel's Dubbel - Look out for the quick chain reaction. In a span of a second or two, the taste goes from fruit to alcohol and then settles on a nice banana/wine blend which melts together for a fine finish. I like it much more than other Belgians; it's mild, sweet, and smooth, and I think I could drink more of it than most. I would like to try this with dinner, maybe meat caramelized with onions and mushrooms.
Reviewer's Rating: n/a

Reviewed: Saturday, December 29th, 2001

Discussion with Dean

Away at the Great American Beer Festival. On our revisit, we talked to Dean for quite a while. A veteran, he enjoys the autonomy he's earned and is able to brew how he wants. Nothing we could say here would do him justice. He went through all the beers with us, gave us information on associations and beer events around Madison, and even went in the back to bring us some treats that had been bottled and stored away. They were excellent. Speak with him if you get a chance; it's entertaining and educational.

The Atmosphere

Game room was nice, with two pool tables, darts, and a golf video game. They even have an ATM. Also, there was a homey little couch and table area with a relaxed feel. I could see hanging there on regular basis. There is a small outdoor patio, but it was too cold to try that out. The frenetic lights at the bar dimmed and illuminated seemingly all on their own. On the return trip the next day, I mentioned this, and the bartender told us that there are rumors the building is haunted. Too long a story to go into here.


Angelic usually has a Big Red Ale. We met a couple that drove hours just to have it, so I assume a missed a good one. The Red, along with the Brown, are their two best sellers, I believe. The Harvest Moon Hefe-weisen was absent and we were too early for the Liberator Dopple Bock.

Overall, the beer was pleasant and tasty, yet restrained (save the Bacchanal). For smooth and flavorful, I'd have to recommend the Nut Brown, followed by the Pale Ale. The Bitter and Stout are standard fare, but quality beer- e.g.: if you like a bitter, you'll like Believer's.

A fellow patron, Jenny, summed up Angelic beer succinctly. I totally agree with her. She said, “The Bitter is a true Bitter, the Pale is pretty good, and the Nut Brown is the best; it's the easiest drinking microbrew I've had.” When there was no Nut Brown on Sunday, Patrick (our bartender) told us “I feel like I'm telling people there's no Santa Claus.”

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EmoticonWe stopped by for another round 12/29/2001. Was right about the Bacchanal Blonde. It hits you with a hoppy punch. I'm not a fan of lighter beers but this one I enjoyed.
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